The Purpose of the Interviews

Lauren Hine - CEO & Founder of  Zealify

Lauren Hine - CEO & Founder of Zealify

Every week for the next year I plan to interview one inspiring female founder over lunch and then publish that interview, along with my thoughts, every Friday. 

Female founders, and women in tech, are a popular topic of conversation in the tech industry. For me, the value of the debate in the media is not only about promoting equality but helping more women break into the technology industry. This blog won't be for opinion pieces around equality but it will be to celebrate the fantastic women that are breaking glass ceilings all over the world. They can inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs, and I think it is an important part of the dialogue to promote awareness of these fantastic entrepreneurs making their mark. 

More than that, these women are entrepreneurs. We can all afford to learn from their successes, and failures, to help us progress. Their wealth of knowledge, and understanding of the hurdles ahead, both from a female perspective and from a business perspective can be of complete value to everyone. 

I hope this will serve to inspire a generation and provide learnings for any current, or aspiring, entrepreneurs. If you are a female founder I want to hear from you (and take you to lunch!) drop me an email at or tweet me @HineLC. If you are just interested to read these interviews then pop back to the blog ( every Friday. This is an experiment and an opportunity for me to learn from some fantastic people, I hope you’ll join me on this journey too!